Prayer to Be Led in Truth

Date: PM
Text: Psalm 25:4,5
Psalters: 90, 68, 161, 60
Confession of Faith
  1. The plea.
    1. David’s earnest plea is that God “shew,” “teach,” and “lead.”
      1. “Shew” is to cause me to know, perceive and see. “Teach” is to instruct, and then to exercise. “Lead” is to cause to tread on.
      2. And David asks God to cause him to learn something correctly with a view to walking in the light of what he learned.
    2. The “ways” and “paths” of Jehovah.
      1. Refers to the way of God seen in creation and providence, namely, His power, wisdom, and goodness.
      2. Refers to the ways of God in saving His people, namely, His grace, love, and mercy (10).
      3. Refers to the way found in God’s law, and to keep His law is to walk in the way.
    3. David’s prayerful plea is the desire for grace to walk more closely and consistently in these ways.
    4. Thus the plea is that God keep him in the firm persuasion of the truths of His Word.
  2. The Need
    1. As pilgrims to heaven, who can easily be drawn aside and lose our way in this dark world.
    2. Need arises from the presence of “mine enemies” (2), which always are stronger than us.
    3. Our old man always wants to react wrongly to enemies and adversity: rashly, pompously, and improperly.
    4. David knew his need. He knew much, but he did not want to lean on himself. He asked to be taught.
  3. The solid basis for David’s plea is the fact that God is “the God of my salvation.”
    1. To understand rightly the truth and to walk in it requires the God of His salvation, yea, God is his salvation.
    2. Thus David gives a thankful promise to wait all the day on Jehovah.