I Was Shapen in Iniquity

Date: AM
Text: Psalm 51:5,6
Psalters: 164, 142, 312, 281
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
  1. Sin’s beginning.
    1. All of our actual sins arise from the fact that we are sinners, which is what we became at conception.
      1. Parents (fathers) transmit a corrupt nature to their children through conception. A corrupt stock produces corrupt offspring.
      2. Sin at conception implies that unborn babies are real human persons at conception.
    2. True confession of sin acknowledges our complete helplessness because of our inner spiritual corruption.
      1. In this we are passive, for it is ours apart from any conscious act or choice on our part.
      2. Sincere confession of sin acknowledges my sinfulness as well as my actual sin.
  2. David refers to his sinful human nature with “inward parts” and “in the hidden part.”
    1. He declares that His inward man, what he is inside, is depraved.
    2. Thus David’s confession now includes an admission that he is depraved within.
      1. “Behold” indicates importance: truth is essential to the Christian and the Reformed man and woman.
      2. The awareness of this soul depravity is not abstract doctrine, but true confession accompanied by much grief.
    3. David’s confession makes it clear that he realizes this depravity is total - inside as well as outside.
  3. This is ultimately the only way to find an answer to sin!
    1. Unless we see our sin arising out of our corrupt inward parts we will miss true confession.
    2. But this admission/confession is not to lead to despair.
      1. Because our need is so great we cast ourselves completely on the multitude of God’s mercies.
      2. We are to focus on the work of the second Adam, our present representative Head.