I Will Declare What He Hath Done for My Soul

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Sharpening One Another in Christian Fellowship

A Heart Given to Prayer

Our Transgressions Blotted Out

Cleanse Me from Secret Sins

Avoiding Murder; Exercising Love

Day of Prayer for the Victims of Abuse

Blueprints (1): Embracing Marriage as God Instituted It

Worshipping God by Honoring Authority

Longing for Church

Hephzibah: The Lord Delighteth in Thee"

Teaching Our Children to Have a God-Ward Orientation

Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves

Enjoying the Sabbath Day

A Branch of Righteousness Promised to Judah

Endeavoring to Keep the Unity of the Spirit

Affliction Working Glory

Going with the Wise Men to Bethlehem

Israel's Ruler and His Coming Forth Out of Bethlehem

Understanding the Sabbath Day

Funeral for Arvin Bleyenberg

The Christian's Confession Concerning Life and Death

Swearing an Oath

Jacob's Star and the Smiting of His Enemies

Worshipping God with Reverence

King Shiloh and the Gathering of the People

The Building of a Covenant Home

Giving Thanks In Everything

Exhorting Myself to Bless Jehovah

Worshipping God Without Images

An Admonition to Hope to the End

I Will Remember the Works of the LORD

David Encouraging Himself in the LORD His God

Worshipping God as God Alone

A Heart That Understands Our Temptations

But What Are Good Works?

The Ear Bored with an Awl

Turn Thou Me, and I Shall Be Turned

Christ's Prayer for Peter's Preservation

Offering Our Children to Molech

A Heart of Fatherly Compassion

The Positive Place and Function of Good Works

Exercising Christian Discipline

The Words to Lemuel

The Kingdom's Keys

The Request of the Daughters of Zelophehad