Hedonism in the Church

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Hedonism in the Church

Pentecost Sunday “The Feast of Pentecost Fully Come

The Wisdom That Is From Above

A Hope That Does Not Shame

The Entrance of the King of Glory

Embracing True Greatness

The Angels of Heaven in Worship

Our Old Man Crucified, Dead, and Buried

Taming the Powerful Tongue

Our Mediator's Honorable Burial

Be Not Many Teachers

The Unique Sorrows of Our Savior

Continuing in Jesus' Word

The Wonder of the Virgin Birth

Thomas and His Risen Lord and God

John and Peter Seeing the Graveclothes

The Parting of Jesus' Garments

Jesus' Trial Before Annas

Confessing that Jesus is the Lord

Christians: Partakers of Christ's Anointing

Jesus Arrested in the Garden

We Have Found the Messiah (the Christ)

Caiaphas' Prophecy of Jesus' Death

Jesus, the Only Way to the Father

Glorying in Tribulations

Standing in the Sphere of Grace

Casting All Our Cares Upon the Lord

The Blessed Poor

Gaius, Walking in Truth

The Calling to Reconcile Before Worship (and Lord's Supper)

Lifting Up Our Eyes unto the Hills

My Times Are in Thy Hand

Living Faith

Doubtless Thou Art Our Father

Taking Up Our Crosses

Grace, Love, and Communion from a Triune God

Confessing Christ Before Men

The Elders' Calling to Shepherd the Flock of God

He Leadeth Me

The Rising of the Sun of Righteousness

The Prince of Peace!

The Mighty God! The Everlasting Father!

The Confident Nature of Saving Faith

Wonderful! Counsellor!