I Believe In God’s Son and Our Lord

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Faith In Jesus' Sitting and Coming Again

John's Leap of Joy

Faith In Jesus' Ascension

Accepted In The Beloved

Faith In Jesus' Resurrection

Seek Meekness

Faith In Jesus' Death


The Believer's Radical View of Life (and Death)

Humbling Ourselves Under God's Mighty Hand

The Christmas Message to Joseph

The Office Of Deacon Instituted

Israel's Children Acknowledged as Blessed

Faith in Jesus' Life of Suffering

And Forgive One Another

Faith In Jesus' Incarnation

God Dwells With The Humble

Faith In Our Lord

Remembering To Thank The Giver

The Great Good of Family Peace

Faith In God's Only Begotten Son

Thirsting For God

Faith In Christ the King

Joy When Faith Is Tried

Faith In Christ as Priest

Faith In Christ As Prophet

Caleb Wholly Followed Jehovah

Grace To The Humble; Resistance To The Proud

Faith In Jesus

Look For New Heavens and Earth

Father's Providence and Our Suffering

The Sanctuary and the Sea

Faith In Our Father's Providence

The Day Of The Lord Coming: How Respond?

Father of Jesus and Father of Me

How To Deal With The Disorderly

God Is; And He Is Three in One

Faith Connects One With The Mediator

With Christ In His Baptism

Count God's Enemies As Mine

The Mediator, Our Lord Jesus Christ

As Risen With Christ We Are To Put On

Delivered From Sin How?

The Beginning of Knowledge

God Is Most Just