I Believe In God’s Son and Our Lord

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Samuel: Jehovah’s Choice of David

Why Preach the Law?

Samuel: Learning Real Obedience

The Evil of Sin Within

Constrained by the Love of Christ

Delivered Through Christ’s Gift of Himself

I Abhor Myself and Repent

Loving, Speaking, and Confessing the Truth

The Source of Salvation

Choose Life for You and Your Children

Proper Attitude Toward Possessions

Job's Constant Sanctifying of His Children

Samuel: Saul Beginning to Lose the Kingdom

God's Call to Purity and Faithfulness

Samuel: Renewing the Kingdom

Loving Our Neighbor's Person

Viewing Evil Through the Lens of Providence

Honor Thy Father and Mother

God Gives Israel Their King

Sabbath: Thankful Giving

Israel's Demand for a King

The Sabbath Day

Ebenezer: Memorial for Children's Instruction

The Christian's Use of the Oath

Run the Race!

The Safety of Trusting in the Lord

The Beginning of Miracles

The Utter Defeat of the Demonic Powers

Samuel as Intercessor for Mercy

Faith in God's Name and Its Proper Use

The Certain Consequences of Bad Company

I Will Love Them Freely

Time to Seek Jehovah

Faith in God as He Reveals Himself

Prayer for Spiritual Blessings


Remember, God Takes Vengeance on Apostates

Faith in the One God

Samuel Called to Be a Prophet

God's Law for the Christian

Children: Jehovah's Heritage

True Conversion: Quickening the New Man

Parable of the Prodigal Son

True Conversion: Mortifying My Old Man

The Fruits of Good Works